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Walking With Ghosts

Experiments with long exposures and/or multiple exposures, stitched together after the event when away from the scene of the crime. Flavoured with the awkwardness of a man running around in front of a camera in a public place avoiding the gaze of passing professional dog walkers.

Walking With Ghosts 1

Walking With Ghosts 1. June 2016, Hedsor.

Crowsley Park Folk Horror 6

Crowsley Park Folk Horror 6. September 2017. Crowsley Park.

This one was more fun than the others because it involved a degree of dressing up like an idiot. Unfortunately I hadn't checked quite carefully enough that I was alone and after I'd taken the last shot noticed a dog walker moving away at quite some speed.
Crowsley Park Folk Horror 2

Crowsley Park Folk Horror 2. September 2017. Crowsley Park

Faces blurred, intent unknown. I am not in a band regardless of what this image may suggest. Walking alongside myself can be hard work.